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Treatments at Integrative Dentistry and Medicine Centre Dr. Mar Cánovas Ortiz

Integrative Dentistry and Medicine, Pediatric Dentistry and Dentosophy in Madrid. Health for all the family.

Integrative Dentistry

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Amalgam Removal:

Dental amalgams are fillings whose composition is made up of various metals and Mercury.

Therefore, we advise removing them carefully, following a strict protocol, to avoid inhalation of mercury by the patient or the professionals.


Functional Orthopedics of the Jaws / Orthodontics:

The basic functions that influence the development and shape of the dental arches and the eruption pattern of the teeth are breathing, swallowing, chewing and phonation.

Hence, our techniques are aimed at the early diagnosis of abnormalities in these functions and their restoration, since they are frequently at the origin of dental malocclusions, recurrences and alterations in body posture.

We use functional appliances and reeducation of oral and respiratory functions.

These same principles of action accompany the treatments through Fixed Orthodontics or Invisalign.


Pediatric dentistry:

We advise visiting the dentist “from the time the child has his first teeth”, a reception consultation where I teach prevention and establishment of healthy habits.

The periodic visits will be part of a “Health Education”, without forgetting the Nutrition guidelines.

For treatments, we follow the same principles of Minimum Intervention, with healthy methods and materials, such as the use of Proteolytic Enzymes, which shorten the treatment time.


General Integrative Dentistry:

The dental treatments we practice are based on two fundamental principles: one, to be as conservative as possible and the other, to use the “cleanest” materials currently available.

For this, we follow the principles of Minimally Invasive Dentistry and materials free of Bisphenol A and metals.

We rely on Kinesiology, Neurofocal Dentistry and Neural Therapy.



Our goal is to preserve the integrity of the teeth, but sometimes the caries process evolves to affect the nerve.

In order for the tooth to remain in the mouth and perform its function, endodontics are recommended.

For this process we will use ozone for a better disinfection of the root canals before they are properly sealed.



Specialty that contemplates the prevention and treatment of the affections of the tissues that surround the teeth: gum, ligaments and bone.


Surgery and Implants:

We perform surgeries with local anesthesia, or if necessary or chosen by the patient, general sedation.

For the replacement of teeth or molars we will use implants without metals, preferably.

Dental care for the whole family

Whatever the oral health needs of your loved ones are, at Integrative Dentistry and Medicine Centre Dr. Mar Cánovas Ortiz we will take care of you all with affection, respect and personal attention.


Adult Care


Child Care


Orthodontic Care


Surgery and Implants

Integrative Dental and Medicine Practice

In our practice we combine traditional dentistry methods with other holistic and natural medice techniques to evaluate and treat dental pathologies with the aim of restoring your health and wellebeing in the most optimal way.


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