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Integrated Dentistry and Medicine

“Integrated Dentistry and Medicine are “the Art of Healing” because every time I treat a person, I do it with the conscience of knowing that it is a therapeutic act that reaches the whole Being of the patient”.

Doctor Mª Del Mar Cánovas Ortiz

Odontología y Medicina Integrativa - El Arte de Sanar
  • Our practice is specialized in Integrated Dentristry
  • Odontopediatrics, orthodontics and all specialities
  • Homeopathy, Anthroposophic Dentistry, Dentosophy, Medical-Dental Kinesiology
  • Diagnosis of emotions associated with the mouth through Dental Biodecoding and Ethiotherapy
Doctora Mar Cánovas Ortiz

Dr. Mar Cánovas Ortiz

  • Doctor of Medicine (COEM registration number 28003964)
  • Stomatology Specialist
  • Pediatric Dentistry
  • Functional Orthopedics of the Jaws
  • Dentosophy
  • Homeopathy
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Kinesiology
  • Dental Biodecoding
  • Etiotherapy


Doctora América Briceño Marcano

Dr. América Briceño Marcano

Orthodontics and Dentosophy

Doctora Giovanna Chiriby Rojas

Dr. Giovanna Chiriby Rojas

Integrated Dentistry and Dentosophy

  • Bachelor in Dentistry
    (COEM registration number 28009909)
  • Integrated Odontology (20+ years experience)
  • Master’s degree in Neural Therapy and Neurofocal Dentristry (UB)
  • Michel Montaud’s Dentosophy (Actisofia)
  • Applied Kinesiology (SEKMO)
  • Bioregulatory Medicine (HEEL)
  • Homeopathy (CEDH)
  • Psiconeurodontology (Christian Beyer)
  • Clinic Posturology (Escuela Villeneuve)
  • Experienced in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Nutrition, Orthomolecular Supplementation, Bach Flower Remedies and essential oils
Doctora Beatriz Jimeno Rodríguez

Dr. Beatriz Jimeno Rodríguez

Periodontist and Implantologist Dentist

  • Bachelor in Dentistry
    (COEM registration number 28014187)
  • Periodontics
  • Implantology
  • Dental aesthetics and prosthodontics
  • Facial and perioral aesthetics with hyaluronic acid
Doctora Giovanna Chiriby Rojas

Dr. Luis Romeu López de Sagredo

Stomatology and Implantology

Doctora Sara Marín Maestro

Dr. Sara Marín Maestro

General Dentistry

  • Bachelor in Dentistry
    (COEM registration number 28007402)
  • General Dentistry
  • Neurofocal Dentistry
  • Peribuccal Aesthetics with Hyaluronic Acid
  • Oral Respiration Rehabilitation
  • Biological Dentistry
  • Lactation Consultant

Medicine and Physiotherapy

Doctor Anónimo Desconocido

Dr. Luisa Colomer Kammüller

Integrative Medicine - Intestinal Health

  • Degree in Medicine and Surgery from Universidad Central de Barcelona
    (registration number 280825029)
  • Specialisation in Paediatrics
  • Training in Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Paediatric Liver Transplantation
  • Since 2004, trained in Integrative Medicine
  • Since 2007, integrative doctor for children and adults, with special focus on intestinal health
Patricia Encinas López

Dr. María Beatriz Lentijo Gutiérrez


Patricia Encinas López

Patricia Encinas López

General Physiotherapy


Elisabet Guiliani

Elisabet Guiliani

Organizational Assistant

  • Customer Care
  • Specialists Support
  • Supplier Coordination
Ariadna Díaz

Ariadna Diaz

Organizational Assistant

  • Customer Care
  • Specialists Support
  • Supplier Coordination

“Professionalism and safety is what I have found for 20 years in Mar’s practice and with her team. I place my absolute trust in them because my children have learned the habit of going to the dentist with joy and with interest in their oral health”.

Esther García

“Mar Cánovas has been my dentist since I was 3 years old. She and her team have always understood what I needed at all times. They have also helped me develop healthy oral habits”.

Pablo Aguado

“Mar always involves me in the process, she considers my opinion and together we look for the best solution. Such a nice experience…”

Oscar Díaz Millán

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